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Create Recovery with the Savior

An Intensive 12 Week Boot Camp for Addiction Recovery

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Included in this course

This Addiction Recovery Boot Camp will teach you how to access the power needed to make the real and lasting transformation you are searching for.  Created and taught by an instructor with years of personal addiction recovery experience, she has taken the best of proven twelve-step tools and combined them beautifully along side the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This has everything someone needs to create a solid and complete recovery foundation!

  • High accountability and instructor interaction to help keep you on track for great success! 
  • Two weekly meetings for additional recovery support 
  • Daily assignments, tool implementation and tactile writing assignments across a variety of media 
  • Additional one on one support available 
  • Group interaction and learning
  • All online so you can do it anywhere, anytime! 

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Meet the instructor

Kelly Thompson 

Hi there, my name is Kelly Thompson and I am so happy that you have found this recovery boot camp! 

I am a recovering food, drug addict and alcoholic who spent twenty-eight years desperately battling the disease of addiction.  My rock bottom included a deep resentment towards God, homelessness and supporting my drug habit with prostitution.  Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and 12-Step Recovery, my life has transformed from one of tragedy and despair into one of purpose, continued healing, and joy!  

I have taken the proven tools and principles that I have learned from twelve-step recovery and combined them with the beautiful principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to create this powerful recovery tool.  I personally know the awful despair that comes to those who struggle with addiction.  It is my life's mission to share what I have learned with others.

I'm an author, public speaker, course instructor and social media influencer who is dedicated to sharing the real hope available with who continue to suffer. 
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Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose the CRS Boot Camp?

  • Build and strengthen a complete and lasting recovery foundation
  • Develop a rooted understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and build a deeper relationship with the Savior
  • Create new habits, such as implementing a personalized daily spiritual routine
  • Learn and apply effective and practical recovery tools
  • Thoroughly work each of the 12 steps and implement on-going step maintenance
  • Learn how to access the power needed to sustain abstinence and to make true change
  • Conquer the loneliness and isolation of addiction by becoming part of an online recovery support community
  • Discover a new peace of mind as the hope that comes from exercising faith in Jesus Christ manifests itself in all aspects of your life

Is the CRS Boot Camp for all addictions?

Whether your addiction be to food, pornography, alcohol, gambling or something else, the solution to abstinence and everlasting change is in the twelve-steps of recovery found in the CRS Boot Camp. Create Recovery with the Savior is a community of persons recovering from addictions of all kinds. 

Do I have to currently be participating in a twelve-step program to join?

While attending outside recovery meetings is encouraged and supported, one does not need to be participating in an outside additional twelve-step program in order to do the CRS Boot Camp. The CRS community offers supportive fellowship, service/sponsorship opportunities, interactive course content and two weekly support meetings.

Is it Anonymous?

Because the course work is done completely online, there is anonymity for participants. While attending the zoom meetings, keeping audio and/or video turned off is allowed, although participation is encouraged. When introducing oneself, students use their first name only. One is never required to share their type of addiction with the group, but they may if they choose to. Because anonymity is a critical component to fostering a safe environment for all, a verbal commitment to respect the anonymity of others is required to be a part of the community. 

What if my testimony is shaky or I'm not even sure if I believe in God at all?

All a person needs to be successful in the CRS Boot Camp is to show up with enough willingness to start putting the action steps suggested in this program into practice in their life. Sacred and sweet conversion comes as a direct result of working these steps.

Why is the CRS Boot Camp a powerful addition to the church’s Addiction Recovery Program?

The CRS Boot Camp is an intensive 12-week program that offers high accountability with consistent instructor support, useful and practical tools, and the complete recovery solution that the Addiction Recovery Program alone does not. This program is so much more than a meeting and a workbook! Whether you are new to recovery and need help to build a firm recovery foundation or you are looking to strengthen your current recovery program, the CRS Boot Camp can help.

Do I need to wait for an enrollment date or can I start right away?

 Because we understand the urgency for an immediate action when the time comes to get help, there is no waiting for an enrollment date. Once you have registered online, you will receive access to all the coursework, one week at a time. 

What types of content does the CRS Boot Camp Include?

Course Includes: Daily Readings, Recovery Meeting Invite, Audio/Video Files, Media Links, Ebooks, Student Discussion, Into Action Items, Variety of Assignments w/ Instructor Feedback, Scripture Study Sheets, and an Assortment of Printable PDFs

What happens after I complete the twelve-week course?

Upon completing the CRS Boot Camp, you will be given a Certificate of Graduation that confirms you have thoroughly completed all twelve steps and implemented a sustainable and effective recovery lifestyle. CRS Boot Camp course content, as well as, access to recovery meetings will remain available to you for a lifetime.